Production Photo Paper Semigloss 200 44" x 30m

200g/m2 photo paper
This Semigloss Production Photo Paper provides a cost-effective printing solution that's ideal for environments where lighting glare may be a challenge. The true photographic look and feel supports a range of markets including photography, corporate, retail, education, events and more. It features a microporous coating that dries instantly, offering high-speed printing for photos, high-quality posters, architectural drawings and mounted graphics.
SKU: C13S450378
Production Photo Paper Semigloss 200 44" x 30m


Peace of mind

Epson provides the complete end-to-end printing solution that includes: printers, inks, papers and software - all designed to work in harmony.

Easy to use

This photo paper can be used with Epson SureColor SC-T Series and SC-P Series printers that support roll media. Also, Epson provides paper settings and ICC profiles for ease of use. For some printers, these are integrated into the drivers, so the user is able to start printing straightaway (see printer web page for further details). The prints produced have a true photographic look and feel, at an affordable price point, and this allows for a wide range of possible applications.

Supports high-speed printing

The microporous coating of the paper enables speedy production with quick-drying prints. High print quality can also be achieved even at low dpi.

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