Camera Unit - ELPEC01

Projector Camera Module
The ELPEC01 is a camera module that can be easily integrated with EB-PU Series projectors and ELPLX Series lenses. It enables the use of in-built processing for PC-free stacking, which means two supported projectors can be stacked to double the brightness, without using external computerware. This reduces the need for additional external equipment and their associated costs.
SKU: V12HA46010
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Camera Unit - ELPEC01
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Epson Projector Professional Tool support

Users benefit from advanced control and automation tools to simplify and speed up the set-up. These powerfool tools include: geometry correction for stacking, multi-projector blending, and simple colour calibration.

Extensive product support

The ELPEC01 is compatible with Epson EB-PU Series projectors and ELPLX Series ultra-short-throw lenses, bringing the same advanced features and flexibility to a wider range of installations.

Simple Integration

Installation is clean and simple thanks to USB connectivity, plug-and-play functionality and easy cable management.


Compatible Main Units

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