ColorWorks C6500 and C6000 series users can now enjoy enhanced print finish flexibility, on textured or plain paper, with the release of specially designed firmware and matte black ink.

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Eye-catching colour labels, printed on-demand

Setting new standards in colour label printing

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Streamline your colour label production

Now you can easily print high-quality, customised colour labels, tickets and tags in-house, as and when you need them. Epson on-demand inkjet colour label printers eliminate the traditional problems of thermal overprinting. No more delays, disruption, waste or inconvenience. No more pre-printed label inventory, production downtime, lost orders or late shipments.

Discover the On‑Demand Label Printing Revolution with Epson Inkjet.

New research from independent consultants Smithers shows how in-house, on-demand inkjet labelling can help businesses make significant energy savings.

The report reveals the waste caused by a range of commercial print processes and how on-demand inkjet is often the most sustainable and operationally efficient printing choice for businesses.

Introducing the new Colorworks C6000 and C6500 Series

Print long-lasting customised labels quickly and easily. Produce high-quality (1200x1200dpi), custom labels time after time. The C6000 offers up to 4-inch print-widths and the C6500 delivers labels up to 8-inches. Optimise workflows using our unique built-in peeler.

LCD Display and control panel

Full colour control panel with an intuitive menu, allowing the user access to printer & network setting. Giving greater control of the printer in a quick and east to use way

Bi directional removable cover

This Unique design allows for the media to be loaded or removed with great ease, in any environment

Access Panel

Easy access panel to inspect and clear any paper jam, it also always great access to the Printer head

Easily accessible Ink Cartridges

Compact and easily installed 80ml cartridges with Epson’s own Ultrachrome® DL ink inside give great results

Integrated peeler

This Unique feature in a full colour label printer allows for easy installation into production lines and creates a total solution in one product


From manufacturing and retail to pharmaceutical, healthcare and ticketing, there’s a ColorWorks product that can make a real difference by giving you the flexibility to print the labels you need, when you need them. The ColorWorks C6000 Series, C6500 Series, C7500 Series, C3500 and C831 are also ideal for companies that want to print labels that comply with the latest GHS (Globally Harmonised System) standards for chemical labelling.


Manufacturing (Product labels)

Epson colour label printers are ideal for manufacturers with a low to mid-volume/wide-range mix, improving inventory management and product identification, and enhancing customer service.

Improve brand recognition

Customise product packaging and improve marketing communications via unique short-run labelling applications.

Differentiate products more effectively

Use of colour allows you to differentiate your products from those of competitors and helps customers instantly recognise your brand.

Important information

Clearly highlight information within a label’s content, or print speciality labels on demand.

Enhanced labels and branding

Maximise product visibility, highlight your brand and enhance your reputation.

Easy GHS compliance

Quickly, accurately and clearly print all required pictograms and information onto blank labels in a single straightforward process.


Manufacturing (Functional labels)

Epson colour label printers are ideal for manufacturers with a low to mid-volume/wide-range mix, improving inventory management and product identification, and enhancing customer service.

Improved inventory management

Control stock, storage and product movements with easy-to-track labels that can be printed and attached immediately.

Clear operating procedures

Improve the overall quality of products by reducing production errors with, for example, colour-coding or pictures on labels to clarify the contents of a container.

Important information

Clearly highlight information within a label’s content, or print speciality labels on demand.

Maintain consistent production levels

Keep up with production needs, and avoid unplanned slowdowns or stoppages that could seriously affect your business.

Easy GHS compliance

Quickly, accurately and clearly print all required pictograms and information onto blank labels in a single straightforward process.


Chemical labels (GHS)

ColorWorks label printers use pigment inks combined with PE Matte label media to produce GHS chemical labels that are fully BS5609-compliant.

Print GHS labels on demand

Produce fully-compliant chemical labels as you need them, without ordering extra labels you don't need.

Durable for tough environments

ColorWorks labels are highly durable and resistant to chemicals, fading and smudging.

Print in full colour

ColorWorks printers can print in full colour, not just the red and black required for GHS labelling.



Our quick, reliable and flexible colour label solutions can be deployed in many retail printing applications, from shelf edge labels, pricing and promotional labels to labels for products made in-store.

Raise awareness of special price promotions awareness of products

Make your products stand out with high-quality, eye-catching labels.

Highlight product specifications

Highlight specific features about products on shelves, for example organic or regional products, or any allergens.

Enhanced branding

Get your company noticed with consistent, recognisable graphics.

Produce special and one-off labels

Introduce promotions quickly and effectively with on-demand printing.



Now you can produce on-demand event tickets with personalised marketing messages or include visitor photos on ID badges, with our convenient colour label printers.

Full control in your hands

Print tickets and ID badges in full colour and on-demand.

Customised communication

Customise tickets and ID cards with promotional or personalised information. Add advertisements and any other promotional information relevant to ticketholders.

Improved visual identification

Add full colour photos to ID cards, for better visual identification.



Colour on healthcare labels improves the visual recognition of vital information, reducing operational risks for hospitals, and more importantly providing better patient care and safety.

Highlight important information

Use colour and design to clarify patient names and dosage instructions.

Print large quantities easily

Produce high volumes of labels on demand to match changing lists of people or medicines.

Consistent, clear labelling

Use pre-defined colour codes for quick, straightforward identification of medicines.

Reduce the risk of errors

Reduce mistakes and confusion by clearly identifying different medicines.


Food and catering

Epson colour label printers help food manufacturers and retailers create labels on demand that stand out, while at the same time using customisation to personalise food products and raise brand awareness.

Crisp, clear text

Thanks to the high resolution of ColorWorks label-printing, large amounts of clearly legible information can be printed within a small area.

Attractive colour labels

Food labels can now be printed in full colour, which means that company branding can really stand out, and 'traffic light' nutritional information can be included.

On-demand labelling

Print only the labels you need, as you need them, for batches of products that may vary in quantity - such as fresh fruit and vegetables, or baked goods.

Durable, smudge-free labels

Epson inks offer excellent durability, so that labels will remain legible, even in transit or when kept in a fridge or freezer.

The value of colour on demand

Take control

Save money by not storing different pre-printed colour labels, just print when you need them.

You can now control the whole label-printing process.

Improve efficiency

Stop wasting time searching for and changing to the correct pre-printed labels.

Save time wasted by changing pre-printed rolls.

Add flexibility

Produce unique individual labels as you require them.

Change designs on the fly, and print only the labels you need.

Increase speed

Print in full colour at the speed your business needs.

Reduce your total full colour label production time.

Eliminate unexpected charges

Cut out third-party charges for custom pre-prints.

Reduce label creation errors, as well as late deliveries and penalties.

Eliminate label waste

No wasted labels due to last-minute design changes.

No need to order pre-printed labels you don't need to ensure enough buffer stock.

Drastically reduce label inventory

No more shelves full of pre-printed rolls of labels.

Order and stock only one type of label - blanks.

Ink durability

We make labels and printers designed to label chemical containers clearly, and comply with industry standards.1

"Durable labels that are smudgeproof and waterproof.1

Print and apply

New movable sensor allows printing on any shape, without the need for a 2nd die cut.

The first ‘one by one’ inkjet label printer.1

Can be integrated seamlessly into existing ‘print and apply production line systems.1


Simple, intuitive software

Easy setup software

The initial printer setup is an easy task even for inexperienced users thanks to the bundled Install Navi application. This guides you through each step, from physical setup to configuring printer and media settings, so there’s no room for mistakes.

NiceLabel SE for Epson

Create and print high-quality labels easily with this bundled labelling software. With integrated Epson printer driver APIs you no longer need to manually configure Windows printer driver settings.


Network utilities

Install and configure multiple printers in a network with the Epson Network Utilities package. You can also use this software to create and deploy custom applications in a network and keep downtime to a minimum by monitoring and managing them from a central location.

Easily manage an entire fleet of printers remotely, with full control including the ability to install, configure, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your devices for increased productivity and cost savings.

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