Are you ready for GHS?

Approved Printers for chemical ghs labeling

New GHS regulations, taking effect from June 1st 2015, mean that it is potentially a lot more difficult and inefficient to use thermal transfer monochrome printers to create GHS-compliant labels. ColorWorks C831, ColorWorks C7500 and ColorWorks C3500 use pigment inks which combined with the PE Matte label media are designed for printing BS5609 certified labels.

What is GHS?

GHS is a new globally installed standard for the classification and labeling of chemicals. It unifies the global labeling standards and is issued be the United Nations. The new GHS-Standard has to be followed by chemical manufacturers worldwide.

New Standards bring new challenges

The next critical milestone is not far away. On June 1st 2015 the new labeling guidelines become effective. From this date on manufacturers of chemicals must use GHS-compliant labels for their products. For new produced and stocked products alike. The new labels have to be very durable and resistant to other chemicals, fading and smudging. The traditional 'multi-step' production chain for pre-printed cannot be used anymore since under the new standard the number of pictograms has to equal the number of hazards. No blanks or extra pictograms are allowed.

Old style haz-chem "Chip" symbols are no longer legal.

The new system demands for "hazard and precautionary" diamond pictogram symbols.

We make the adjustment easy for your business

Epson's industrial inkjet technology is the most cost-effective solution for bringing your business up to the new standard. DURABrite Ultra Ink and the PE Matte Label media make the perfect team for your label production. You can use blank labels and print them exactly with the pictograms and information required. This eliminates the multiple-step system of pre-printed labels and tackles two issues at the same time: your production costs of labels are reduced and your production is GHS compliant. It's simple and efficient.

The number of hazards matches the amount of diamonds. Blanks or extras are no longer allowed.

Industrial Printing in a new standard

Visit our range and see how easily you can switch to the new GHS labeling standard. Use the advantages of our simple multi-colour printing systems to reduce your costs and make your production processes more efficient and GHS compliant today.


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