ISO/IEC 24734, or "Laser Quality Print Speeds"

In 2009, the ink jet printer industry adopted a new international standard for measuring print speeds. This standard, known as ISO/IEC 24734, is the most reliable method to test print speeds of inkjet printers, all-in-ones and lasers under standard conditions.

ISO/IEC 24734 print speeds, which Epson terms laser quality print speeds, gives an “apples-to-apples” speed comparison across all printer manufacturers. This permits consumers to compare print speeds from various manufacturers, having confidence that all manufacturers used the same method of measurement.

If you would like more information on methodology, terms and measurements for laser quality print speeds, see laser quality print speeds.

ISO Throughput Reports

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Maximum Print/Copy Speeds

In addition to laser quality print speeds, Epson also provides “maximum” print speeds for text and photo printing. This refers to speeds measured in Draft Mode.

If you would like more information on methodology, terms and measurements for maximum print speeds, see maximum print speeds.

About ISO

ISO is the preeminent international standards organization located in Geneva, Switzerland

It is comprised of the national standards institutes of over 150 countries. ISO standards are distilled through an international consensus to provide transparent standards for product development and marketing for the benefit of consumers and sustainable competition. The resulting ISO standards are widely respected and accepted by public and private sectors internationally. The imaging and office products industries, in particular, have benefited from many ISO standards, including toner and ink cartridge yield standards, and will continue to benefit from additional standards still in development.