Precision scanning, detailed results

Capture the detail of historic records, photographs, film negatives and artefacts at high resolutions with the Epson Expression range and LaserSoft

Precision scanning made simple

The Expression 12000XL is a high-resolution and versatile large format scanner that is designed to meet the most demanding high-detail applications.

With included professional image enhancement software - LaserSoft SilverFast Ai 8.8 - it brings you easy to-use image processing capabilities, including professional dust and grain reduction, noise elimination and tone correction to give precision results.

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A3 graphics scanner

High-quality A3 graphics scanner for sharp and accurate image reproduction of plans, photographs and fine art with the precision users demand.

  • High-quality A3 scanning
  • Advanced software features
  • Film-scanning capability

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Epson 12000XL


Sharp and accurate image reproduction

The Expression 12000XL and 12000XL Pro are high-quality A3 scanners designed for applications that demand high precision. The scanner makes it simple to precisely capture media up to A3+ in size and ensure crisp images and professional results every time. The range is great for accurately capturing detailed images, including historic records, X-rays1, film negatives, architectural plans, forensic evidence and artefacts. It’s also flexible, easy to use and has low power consumption in comparison to previous Epson models.

Optimise your scanning

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare & medical X-rays

    Very few scanners are suitable for digitising X-ray film and, from a medical standpoint, achieving accurate detail and maximum colour depth is extremely important.

    Using the latest software, capture photographs, negatives and X-rays in high-resolution detail, and to international standards such as DICOM.

  • Textile Rainbow

    Textile production

    Colour accuracy plays an essential role in textile production. Any errors in colour can render productions unusable, affecting supply and causing needless waste of materials.

    SilverFast TexColorAnalyzer and Epson scanners can be used at each stage of the process, from design house to factory, ensuring that high colour accuracy and exacting standards can be met throughout the production process.

  • Temple and trees


    Ensure your photos and film are backed up and protected by digitising them. Whether it's film you've just shot, recently discovered old photos and film, or precious items, you need a solution that can deal with a whole host of specialist media and still deliver faithfully accurate results.

    Some things just can't be replaced, and unfortunately pictures can yellow and negatives can start to degrade over time. Whether you're a photographer, history enthusiast, or museum curator, ensure that these precious details aren't lost forever.

  • Forensics

    Legal and public sector

    When every pixel matters in important legal documentation - Epson Expression scanners are used. With an optical density capability of 3.8Dmax, 48-bit colour depth and Epson Micro Step Drive TM technology, high precision is assured even for applications like fingerprint forensics evidence.

Epson Expression 12000XL

The Expression 12000XL's optical density of 3.8 Dmax and 48-bit colour depth ensure sharp and accurate scanning for full reproduction of the widest range of colours, even in shadow areas. In addition, the high 2400 x 4800dpi resolution and ultra-precise Micro Step Drive technology enable users to capture even the tiniest details with exceptional clarity.


    The Expression 12000XL is equipped with ReadyScan LED, an energy-saving and eco-friendly light source that requires no warm-up time, providing hyper responsive scanning. Dmax and 48-bit colour depth allow you to easily and consistently achieve scans with superior tones and colour reproduction.


    A resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi, an optical density of 3.8 Dmax and 48-bit colour depth allow you to easily and consistently achieve scans with superior tones and colour reproduction.


    With the Expression 12000XL Pro you can capture transparent and clear media in unrivalled levels of detail. The unit supports a wide range of film formats right up to A3+ size.


    A 6-line CCD sensor array with large pixels provides greater scanning details during every pass. An Auto Focus system can achieve pinpoint focusing automatically for enhanced image clarity and accuracy, or you can take full creative control using the Manual Focus option. A density of 3.8 Dmax and 48-bit colour depth allow you to easily and consistently achieve scans with superior tones and colour reproduction.

Optimum hardware and software combination

Partnering with leading software expert LaserSoft Imaging, the creators of SilverFast, adds value and efficiencies to organisations where capturing the highest accuracy is of paramount importance.

Scan a range of media, including film negatives

The optional transparency unit enables users to scan from transparent media, such as positive or negative film and slides, with professional results. Meaning you can digitalise and safeguard media in superior quality.

Simulated image
Yellow car Yellow car
Backlight Correction
Adjust the brightness of images that are darkened due to backlighting.
Colour Restoration
Restores colours of faded photos and film.
Dust Removal
Use software-based detection to reduce dust and scratches from your film and photo scans.
Grain Reduction
Reduces film grain in the output images for film scanning.

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