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Cheque and coupon scanner



High reliability cheque and coupon scanner

Epson’s TM-S1000 cheque scanner is ideal for banks and corporations that want to capture cheques using back office capture (BOC), remote deposit capture (RDC) or a combination of the two. The Epson cheque scanner comes in both a 30 DPM and 60 DPM version and features RDMs MICR algorithms and imaging to provide one of the highest MICR accuracy of any desktop scanner on the market today. The TM-S1000 also features clear electronic endorsements, a double cheque detector that virtually eliminates double cheque feeding and a built-in franker that prints a static message on cheques to prevent double processing.

Flexibility to meet application requirements

The TM-S1000 comes with two pocket support as a standard feature. This gives you the flexibility to process and segregate different types of documents such as cheques and payment coupons. In addition, the 100 sheet document feeder allows high volume processing.

Easy to use and control

Whether you use TM-S1000 in the back office or at a busy teller station, the S1000 has been designed for easy maintenance. The cheque scanning process is simple and replacing the franker unit is quick and easy with no special training required. The Scanner also features advanced self-diagnostics which keep the operator informed of the scanner status and clear error messages.

Epson quality and reliability

With a MCBF of 2.47 million documents, the TM-S1000 has the reliability you need. As a world leading manufacturer of retail and office equipment, Epson offers high quality engineering with world class quality control and support.

What is in the box?

  1. Driver and utilities (CD)
  2. Main unit
  3. PS-180
  4. Power switch cover
  5. USB cable
  6. User manual

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Tech Specs

The product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Image Scanner Unit

Scanning mode
256-level greyscale, Black and White
Data format
Grey scale: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, Raster, Black and White: TIFF, BMP
Supported document type
Normal paper
Document size
120 mm - 235 mm (L) x 68 mm - 120 mm (H)
Pocket capacities
ASF: 100 Sheets, Main pocket: 100 Sheets, Sub pocket: 50 Sheets
Multi feed pocket, Two output pockets
MICR reader
Permanent magnetic bias
MICR symbologies
E13B, CMC7

Cut Sheet Paper Unit

Endorsement Print
Life franking cartridge
Exclusive franking cartridge EFC-01

Reliability - Recept printer unit

Life franking cartridge
18.000 Sheets
Life: 1.000.000 Sheets / MCBF: 2.470.000 cycles


Epson Dark Grey
USB 2.0
Product dimensions
355‎ x 160 x 176 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Product weight
4 kg
Supported Humidity
Operation 20% - 80%, Storage 5% - 85%
Supported Temperature
Operation 10° C - 40° C, Storage -20° C - 60° C


12 months Carry in




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  • Epson TM-S1000 (031): USB, PS, EDG, Frank stamp, 60DPM, CD Datasheet / Brochure Download PDF