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Think inkjet printing is just for home? Think again. At Epson, we have optimised our unique printhead technology for business applications. Inkjet has, in the past, been considered to be only for home use, but the efficiency, simplicity and economy of inkjet printing actually provides businesses with a number of advantages over lasers. Many of these advantages are thanks to PrecisionCore, a scalable technology used in industrial systems such as large-scale label presses. Its benefits, including reliability, waste reduction and reduced environmental impact, are now found in WorkForce Pro models. Find out how they can save your business money, boost productivity and cut energy usage.

Energy saving

With up to 95% lower energy consumption than lasers, not only do WorkForce Pro printers reduce electricity costs, but they can also help your organisation meet envrionmental targets1. Because inkjet printers use no heat in the printing process, they consume far less power than laser printers, which in turn reduces the running costs.

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Easy integration into working environments

Easily manage and control an entire fleet of printers and scanners remotely, including the ability to install, configure, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your devices, all of which make for increased productivity and cost savings.

Shaping the future with heat-free technology

Increase productivity and reduce environmental impact without compromise.

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Advantage Inkjet

Gain the competitive advantage

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Minimise interventions

In independent tests, Epson’s WorkForce Pro models could cut time spent on interventions by up to two thirds compared to lasers1. Increased printer reliability is ensured with Epson’s PrecisionCore permanent printhead, and with inkjet printing there are fewer components to replace compared to a colour laser. High-capacity ink cartridges deliver even more prints, and with our software solutions, you can proactively manage and organise your printers remotely in the most effective way for your business, that allows you to take advantage of cost and time savings, and increased device uptime.

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Savings calculator

Use our savings calculator to see how much you could save with the latest WorkForce Pro models.

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Applications for business

WorkForce Pro printers are compatible with a range of business software solutions that can assist with document, user and even fleet management - helping you save time and money.

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SAP Gold Partner

"Epson is an SAP gold partner, working closely with SAP - one of the world's largest inter-enterprise software providers - to ensure that its products can seamlessly integrate into enterprise environments. "


Epson continues to improve its business inkjet business range to meet the evolving needs of businesses. As the pigment is infused with resin and also insoluble, you can benefit from durable prints resistant to water, smudging and highlighter pens.

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Media flexibility

With the flexibility to print on a diverse range of paper types, business inkjet printers can support a wide variety of business needs. As the ink is directly ejected on to the paper, it is possible to print even onto specialist media, including heat-sensitive film, thick card, and even long banner prints. Moreover, because Epson’s business inkjet printers use insoluble and marker-resistant pigment-based ink for all colours, they can be used to print water-resistant labels and even promotional materials on glossy paper.

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Rapid printing

With inkjet printing, no warm up time is needed so WorkForce Pro printers deliver fast and efficient business printing. This is critical when integrated into a pull-printing environment where users can swipe their unique card or enter their PIN number for immediate results. Automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing on many of our models make any job easy and efficient, perfect for the business environment.

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Up to 1200 dpi resolution

Quality resolution

Enhance your materials with high-quality printing. By doubling the nozzle density, the new PrecisionCore print head produces up to 1200dpi high-quality printing on plain paper, and up to 4800dpi on coated media. Even intricate characters and fine lines are beautifully reproduced.

Case studies

Applications for business

Epson’s integration into PaperCut MF

The Epson integration with PaperCut MF combines the low running costs, reduced intervention and environmental impact, and high reliability of Epson devices, with the ability to control and manage print volumes to reduce operational expenses.

PaperCut MF makes it easy to manage your devices without complexity - reducing print costs and wastage. Its benefits include the ability to:

  • Allocate printing to departments, cost-centres and users with shared accounts
  • See how many pages are being printed by who, at what device and when
  • Report on usage by user, department, device or environmental impact
  • Allocate quotas or budgets to users, departments, or groups
  • Secure job release with 'Find Me' pull printing
  • Simplify mobile and BYOD (bring your own device) printing
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Epson Device Admin

Easily manage and control an entire fleet of printers and scanners remotely, including the ability to install, configure, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your devices for increased productivity and cost savings.


  • Save time and control costs
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible management adapts to your needs
  • Automate processes
  • Take control and analyse device usage
  • Fit into any business environment
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Epson Document Capture Suite

Epson’s software and imaging technology saves time by cutting out steps and allowing you to scan to your workflow processes.

With push-scan features, in one step, you can capture and integrate high-quality electronic documents into workflow processes. Turning complicated jobs, such as organising documents or enhancing text, into effortless tasks.

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Optimise automatic workflow with pre-defined jobs.

Workflow integration

Epson scanner panels can be customised with pre-defined job profiles, making it simple for any employee to integrate documents into company processes.


In independent tests, Epson’s Workforce Pro models are rated as excellent for reliability

Buyers Laboratory (BLI) is the imaging industry’s leading independent authority and provider of competitive intelligence, testing and reviews on multifunction (MFP), copier, printer, scanner and software solutions and products. For over 50 years, BLI has been the leading source for unbiased and reliable intelligence for the global digital imaging industry.

Built for speed and cost-saving

Epson’s WorkForce Pro models can cut user-intervention time by up to 98%1 compared to competitive lasers and with high-yield ink cartridges, could save businesses up to €4.6 million Euros per month3. The WorkForce Pro WF-8590 impressed the BLI testers to such a degree, thanks to its best-in-class first print and copy times, that they awarded it the coveted “2015 Pick” award.

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Why inkjet?

Drawing on our established expertise in industrial and commercial printing, Epson’s WorkForce Pro printers are robust and reliable, providing businesses with a number of advantages over laser devices. Thanks to our unique PrecisionCore printhead technology for business applications, a better-quality, more reliable printing solution for your business is here – move your business forward with the WorkForce Pro business inkjet printer range.


Our latest, most advanced printhead. PrecisionCore delivers dramatic increases in speed, quality, reliability and efficiency.

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Print as much as you like, hassle-free with no hidden costs.

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  1. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C8190DW uses 95% less energy than the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M750dn using methodology verified by TÜV Rheinland, based on ‘Typical Energy Consumption’, defined under the Energy Star test procedure and presented in kWh per year. CO2 saving calculated as being proportional to energy saving, based on a per-territory average generation of kg CO2 per kWh electricity used. HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M750dn iz the highest-selling model in the A3 colour single-function 21-30ppm printer segment as reported by IDC Q3 2015 to Q2 2019.
  2. For more information visit
  3. Based on testing of the WF-5690, WF-5620, WF-8590, WF-R5690 and WF-R8590. For more information, visit